View Full Version : ENS-856-If Employer nomination is rejected?

23rd October 2011, 07:10 PM
Hi all,
Hope there will be some one to guide me in this forum.
I will complete my 2 years in 457 on this November 1st and waiting to apply for ENS 856.
Company has already lodged their ENS nomination on August 22nd (non-drc) and still waiting for the approval.

My questions are,
(1) Do you think is it wise to lodge my documents with out waiting for the nomination approval? If the company nomination is rejected & if the company has to submit a 2nd nomination, do i also have to submit a new application again spending nearly $2900?

(2) The other thing is 57 Company Nomination will expire on Nov-1st. (I have 457 visa until the end of 2013 & only the 457 company nomination will end).
By November 1st if the Company ENS 856 nomination is not approved, do they have to submit a New Nomination for 457?

Please advise me, i don't have enough budget to take a risk. All i need is to submit my ENS 856 application as DRC asap.