View Full Version : Do I need to stay with my employer for 3 years with ENS 856?

25th August 2011, 12:31 AM
Hi there,

I am new to the forum, need help on my situation.

I got my ENS 856 granted on 14 Feb 2011 and it is sponsored by my current employer!

1. In my contract of employment:
"The appointment as Chef, is on the basis of a full time permanent basis, for the term of 3 years, with the possibility of further 3 years of renewal unless the agreement is mutually terminated, or wirhdrawn by this business in case of non- work performance, or inability by the Nominator to guarantee long term permanent employment to you and to local staff."

2. In form 47ES:
"I understand that if I am applying under ENS then I am agreeing to take up the position for at least 3 years."

I have signed the above document before I get my ENS 856! So, do I need to work for my current employer for 3 years or tied by my current employer for 3 years?

Look forward for your answer and appreciate very much!
Thank you in advance! Cheers!

25th August 2011, 03:27 PM
Can anyone help, PLEASE.............