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8th February 2011, 01:06 PM
did the 2 years, became a cook, now on bridging A waiting for my 485 to come through. my employer had a hell of a time getting good staff, apparently, and wants to sponsor me for the 856.

i felt for a while that it was deliberately misleading to state that students still had the ens route and were encouraged to take it, and indeed with all the conflicting information and lack of clearness on the regulations it can easily be that way construed. what the government could conceivably do is grant exceptional circumstances to ex international students who are wanted by their employers and can get a positive skills assessment and give them a little leeway on the 3 years work experience. (students cannot possibly have gotten the required amount due to student visa restrictions and anyway its meant to be post qualification meaning its just not possible anyway).

after all, its not really in their interests to be seen as controlfreakishly keeping ex international students who have paid their fees and got their quals and now working in the industry in the vulnerable "temporary resident" position. their international reputation is in tatters anyway, if not from students going home with their opinions about being ripped off by DIAC (justified or not) then from quality candidates seeing the volatility, and lack of information they are able to give, to the former ministers perceived abuse of his position. someone with good skills in demand worldwide would likely take one look and think "i dont have to put up with all that rubbish!"

after all, deciding to come to a country and undertaking the processes and burdens which make it possible, changing and in my case downgrading your income and career to accommodate the skill sets wanted by that country; thats not illegal, immoral or unethical! its a valid question: why are we being treated like criminals??